90+ PageSpeed Score, Pass Core Web Vitals Automatically

Effortlessly improve your website's performance with BerqWP. No technical knowledge required, just a few clicks to achieve top-notch speed and core web vitals optimization.

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Plugin Features

All Premium Optimization Plugins Combined In One Powerful Plugin

90+ PageSpeed Score

Achieve a perfect 90+ PageSpeed score for both mobile and desktop automatically with BerqWP. Improve user experience with instantly fast loading pages and rank high on SERPs.

Pass Core Web Vitals

BerqWP automatically applies all modern optimization methods recommended by Google, enhancing Core Web Vitals and CRuX metrics effortlessly within a few clicks, with no subject matter expertise required.

Zero Configuration

Experience effortless optimization with BerqWP's Zero Configuration setup. Say goodbye to complicated settings and technical headaches. Simply install BerqWP, and let our intelligent algorithms take care of the rest.

Web Vitals Analytics

Track Core Web Vitals metrics in real time using our Web Vitals Analytics. Understand the actual experience of visitors on your website. Gain insights to optimize performance and enhance user satisfaction.


Make your website instantly fast globally with our BerqWP CDN, which loads static files such as images, CSS, JavaScript and web font files instantly, making your website ready to use within milliseconds.

Built For Non-techies

BerqWP is perfect for people who aren't familiar with the technical details of PageSpeed or core web vitals optimization. No coding skills are needed, turning hours of manual work into just a few clicks.

No configurations
Built for non techies
100% risk free


Seamlessly Integrates With Your Favorite WordPress Themes & Plugins


Read What Our Customers Say

Nguyen V.

Best Speed Optimization Plugin

After using BerqWP in default mode, the settings only have a few options, but my site performance speed on mobile is 99 and on desktop is 100. With just 1 plugin, BerqWP has defeated 3+ current website optimization plugins on the market today: Perfmatters, WP Rocket, and Image Optimize plugins.

David O.

What kind of magic voodoo is this?

I can not tell you the COUNTLESS hours that I've spent optimizing the speed on my Wordpress website. I've optimized code, pages, restricted scripts, added plugins, removed plugins, disables sections of conflicting plug-ins... I'd never been able to get the site above a PageSpeed rating of 67. Today I installed BerqWP. Waited 10 minutes. Ran PageSpeed again. It said 99! Oh the relief!

Scott M.

Blown Away

My site was always in the 40s with Google PageSpeed Insights regardless of what I did with it. Got BerqWP up and running now it's at 100!
Absolutely blown away. I'm running Elementor Pro with no issues whatsoever. I ended up dropping 3 plugins for just this one. Much appreciated team!

Optimizing with BerqWP Premium

Testing URL with Google PageSpeed.
Converting images to WebP format.
Generating critical CSS.
Optimizing CSS & JavaScript.
Completing the scan.