Automated WordPress Plugin: Boost PageSpeed & Pass Core Web Vitals 🎉

Experience lightning fast WordPress website speed. Boost search engine rankings by passing Core Web Vitals without any technical skills.

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Optimization Features

We've got your website covered with various optimizations recommended by Google.

Cache Warmup

Cache Warmup

Stay ahead of the game with BerqWP's Cache Warmup feature, automatically preparing and priming your website's cache, ensuring instant access to content for your visitors, even during traffic spikes.

WebP Images

WebP Images

BerqWP converts your website images into the WebP format, reducing the image file size by up to 85%, making your website load instantly.

LazyLoad Images

LazyLoad Images

BerqWP's smart lazy loading implementation significantly reduces initial page load times, helping you improve Core Web Vitals metrics and keeping your audience engaged by delivering content on-demand.

Critical CSS

Critical CSS

Say goodbye to render-blocking CSS and skyrocket your site's performance with BerqWP's Critical CSS feature, which loads essential styles instantly, delivering an exceptional user experience from the very first glimpse.

Assets Preloading

Assets Preloading

BerqWP preloads the LCP element and scans your website using Google PageSpeed to identify the LCP element. This also fixes the LCP error in the Search Console.

Delay JavaScript

Delay JavaScript

BerqWP's intelligent Delay JavaScript feature optimizes your website's loading process by prioritizing critical content first, reducing render-blocking scripts, and ensuring a faster, more efficient browsing experience for your visitors.

We have a lot more up our sleeves than that.

BerqWP Is For You!

BerqWP is designed to fulfill your needs.

If you’re a blogger

Supercharge your blog's performance with BerqWP. Boost your readers' experience with faster load times and improved Core Web Vitals, while our powerful features handle the technicalities, letting you focus on what matters most - creating great content.

If you’re a freelance or agency

Elevate your web development projects with BerqWP. Impress your clients by delivering websites that load like lightning, thanks to our cutting-edge optimizations. Enjoy streamlined workflows and hassle-free performance enhancements, making you the go-to expert in your field.

If you’re a business

Unlock your website's true potential with BerqWP. Enhance your online presence and user satisfaction by providing a seamless browsing experience. Increase conversions and stay ahead of the competition as our advanced features drive better performance and happier customers.

BerqWP Zero Configuration

Zero Configuration, Plug & Play

Experience effortless optimization with BerqWP's Zero Configuration, Plug & Play setup. Say goodbye to complicated settings and technical headaches. Simply install BerqWP, and let our intelligent algorithms take care of the rest. Enjoy instant performance enhancements without lifting a finger, so you can focus on what matters most – creating an exceptional online experience for your audience.

BerqWP support

Support Holding Your Back

At BerqWP, we've got your back. Our dedicated support team is ready to assist you every step of the way, ensuring you get the help you need, when you need it. Say goodbye to roadblocks and unlock the true potential of your website with BerqWP's reliable and responsive customer support.

Read What Our Customers Say

Best speed optimization plugin

It's horrible, unbelievable.

It took me a long time to find a solution to speed up my WordPress site. Despite using both Perfmatters, WP Rocket and image optimization plugins, the results are still not as expected. My website performance speed is always below 70 on mobile and below 90 on desktop.

After using BerqWP in default mode, the settings only have a few options, but my site performance speed on mobile is 99 and on desktop is 100.

With just 1 plugin, BergWP has defeated 3+ current website optimization plugins on the market today: Perfmatters + WP Rocket + Image Optimize plugins...

Nguyen V.

Great Product!

If you have a website or do client work and don't buy this, you're crazy. I remember when nitropack was on sale and I missed that. BerqWP is an exceptional solution for your sites and your clients sites. I installed it, it takes a minute to warm up, but once the pages are cached, they load instantly. Like, before the submenu on mobile has finished closing the next page is already loaded. It's amazing and I'm excited to see where this goes. For reference, I've used all of the speed fix plugins, done the speed optimizations myself, and even hired services. BerqWP is replacing all of them. If you value site speed, you should max this out immediately before pricing goes up.


Automated no code optimization

With some tweaking, and ridiculous fast and detailed support, I am hitting performance scores I never thought possible!

As a menopausal partridge, with limited tech skills, I can honestly say this plugin is a complete no code, automated solution. I have tried optimisations that are 5 times the cost and nothing has ever worked so smoothly, right out of the gate. Nothing is more scary than mucking about with your cache. It usually involves hours of tutorials, entire website going sideways, and the loss of the will to live. If you are running a Wordpress site, rip his arms off for this deal, you will not regret it. Thank you so so much for the support and I can't wait to see where BerqWP goes from here.

Sara H.

Hats off to BerqWP

I was struggling to get something that works, without all the complicated settings. Hats off to BerqWP. Just load it and leave it to do its thing. A couple of hours later, you will see the results.

This is a must.

Daniel E.

Beyond Expectations

🚀 Just stumbled upon BerqWP and I'm blown away! 🌟

I was bored with the current lineup of products and decic decided to take a risk and explore the lesser known ones and i might have stumbled upon a gem.

i tried berqwp which had a one line description 'BerqWP is a 100% automatic speed optimization plugin that ensures your website passes the core web vitals assessment.' and decided to give it a spin.

BerqWP turned out to be an absolute game-changer for me.

This incredible plugin not only automates the speed optimization process for WordPress websites but also ensures that they pass the core web vitals assessment with flying colors. It's like having a dedicated optimization expert working tirelessly to boost your website's speed score to a remarkable 90+ for both mobile and desktop users.My website went up from 23 to 98 on mobile and from 52 to 99 on desktop pagespeeds.

the product took approx 24 hours to get that done and the performance actually fell during the process which had me almost refund this, but it all did work out beautifully in the end which is why you are reading this.


No technical skills needed, just install and activate.


Lightning-fast website, better SEO, and a seamless user experience. Check it out its worth a look.

Kris R.

Smooth like a butter!

I turned off WP-Rocket and Permatters plugins. I let the BergWP do it's job for a day or so. Now my website is running smooth like a butter.

Very simple but powerful plugin. Now I can stop paying for WPR And PFM plugins and habe even better results.

Tha best of all? No more messy configuration.

Thank you guys.


Optimizing with BerqWP Premium

Testing URL with Google PageSpeed.
Converting images to WebP format.
Generating critical CSS.
Optimizing CSS & JavaScript.
Completing the scan.