• [Improvement] Enhanced optimization for core web vitals.
    • [Improvement] Decreased cache lifespan to a maximum of 10 hours.
    • [Improvement] Font preloading is now enabled by default.
    • [Bug] Fixed broken CDN images.


    • [Improvement] Up to 80% faster loading for cached pages.
    • [Improvement] Better support for LiteSpeed hosting.


    • [Improvement] Improved plugin security using “Plugin Check”.


    • [Improvement] Enhanced compatibility with built-in caching systems on SiteGround, Cloudways, and WPEngine.


    • [Bug] Fixed issue causing blank page cache for gzip-compressed files.


    • [Bug] Fixed blank cache delivery on LiteSpeed webserver.


    • [Enhancement] Added GZip compression for cache files, reducing cache file size by up to 70% and improving server response time.
    • [Enhancement] Added cache content types, allowing users to include/exclude post types and taxonomies from the cache.
    • [Improvement] Added a fallback function in case the drop-in plugin isn’t working or WP_CACHE isn’t set to true.
    • [Improvement] Added support for Varnish cache.
    • Bug fixes.


    • [Improvement] Updated cache batch size.


    • [Bug] Fix conflict with ShortPixels plugin.


    • [Enhancement] Added optimization modes.
    • [Enhancement] Added compatibility with the Nginx Helper plugin.
    • [Enhancement] Added logs.
    • [Enhancement] Added webpage URL prefetch.
    • [Improvement] Reduced the usage of the WordPress options table.
    • [Improvement] Enhanced cache warmup functionality.
    • [Improvement] Added support for the “data:” image URL scheme.
    • [Improvement] Enhanced compatibility for browsers with JavaScript disabled via the tag.
    • [Improvement] Cleaned BerqWP options upon uninstallation.
    • [Bug] Fixed background images not loading upon initial page load.
    • [Bug] Fixed duplicate WP_Cache define function in wp-config.php.
    • [Bug] Fixed broken WebP images when an image URL has a duplicate file extension in the filename.
    • [Bug] Fixed issue where Ignore params were not working.


    • Added user agent for cache warmup requests.
    • Fixed license key deactivate bug.


    • Minor improvements for cache warmup.


    • Implemented parallel processing for cache warmup.
    • Added a toggle for enabling/disabling BerqWP CDN.
    • Added a toggle for WebP image generation.
    • Users can now exclude any external JavaScript & CSS files from optimization.
    • Added a toggle to preload font face upon the initial page load.


    • Added flush cache support for object cache.


    • BerqWP now caches external JavaScript files.
    • Improved user interface.
    • Added a Dropin plugin for delivering the cache.


    • Premium users now have the ability to set a click and define the time to trigger the click after the page loads.
    • Enhanced cache delivery speed for improved performance.
    • Added browser cache for optimized user experience.


    • Now you can activate the BerqWP license key on your multisite network by adding define("BERQWP_LICENSE_KEY", "Enter your license key here"); in your wp-config.php file of the parent website. The license key will be activated on all sites in the network.
    • Fixed duplicates for the Page Exclusion list.
    • Automatically disable advanced-cache.php left by other speed optimization plugins.
    • Made improvements for Oxygen builder.


    • Added compatibility for subdirectory WordPress installations.
    • Enabled JavaScript optimization exclusively for home pages in the free version.


    • Made improvements in caching initialization so that BerqWP can now function even without WP cron.
    • Added some more speed optimization plugins to BerqWP’s plugin conflict list.


    • Fixed compatibility issues with the Avada theme.
    • Now, BerqWP can detect and optimize image URLs added as the attribute value of div, span, and section tags.


    • Added some more speed optimization plugins to BerqWP’s plugin conflict list.
    • BerqWP can now lazy load image srcset as well.
    • Improved CSS optimization method for more sustainable results.


    • Changed the hook for delivering cache from the template_redirect hook to the wp hook.
    • Added some more speed optimization plugins to BerqWP’s plugin conflict list.


    • BerqWP plugin is now translation ready.


    • Removed unused code and files.


    • Fixed Issue with WebP Image srcset: The WebP srcset was previously blocked by license key verification. Now, you get WebP URLs for image srcset even without activating the license key.


    • Improvement In Cache Invalidation: BerqWP can now detect dynamic parts of HTML that change on every refresh and can ignore them, enhancing the cache invalidation process.
    • Improvement In Image Lazy Loading: BerqWP no longer uses an old-school loader GIF as an image placeholder. Now, BerqWP generates a low-quality blurred image that serves as a placeholder, providing a better user experience.
    • Improvement In CLS: BerqWP can now add width and height attributes for images that don’t have them, contributing to improved Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).
    • Added WooCommerce Cart and Checkout Page URLs to the Cache Excluded List: WooCommerce cart and checkout page URLs have been added to the cache excluded list, ensuring a smooth shopping experience.
    • Added Trailing Slashes for Cache Excluded URLs: Trailing slashes have been added for cache excluded URLs, aligning with URL formatting best practices.
    • Moved BerqWP Review Notification to BerqWP Admin Page Only: The BerqWP review notification has been relocated to the BerqWP admin page exclusively, reducing user interruptions.


    • Added page exclusions for caching.
    • Added option to ignore URL parameters for caching.
    • Removed caching for logged-in users.
    • Removed caching lifespan.
    • Resolved the issue with the Gutenberg image block “Click to expand” feature.


    • Combined BerqWP Lite & Premium.
    • Integrated the Photon Engine for cloud based optimization.
    • BerqWP has become a 100% automatic speed optimization tool.
    • Automatically converts images into WebP.
    • Fixed bugs.


    • Fixed some bugs.


    • Fixed some bugs.
    • Prevented 404 pages from being cached.


    • Added support for Jetpack plugin.


    • Added WebP support for hosts or servers that previously lacked compatibility.


    • Fixed bugs.


    • Added interactions-based styles loading.


    • Added automatic cleaning for BerqWP scheduled tasks.


    • Enhanced JavaScript-based lazy loading for images.
    • Added placeholder image for lazy loading.


    • Added JavaScript-based lazy loading for images.
    • Fixed bugs.


    • Enhanced the LCP mechanism. Now, BerqWP preloads LCP separately for mobile and desktop.


    • Enhance WebP Images
    • Fixed bugs


    • Updated layout
    • Enhance WebP images
    • Added review notification


    • Fixed a bug regarding WebP images.


    • BerqWP Lite initial release.
    • SearchPro plugin temporarily switch with BerqWP Lite.