Get Started With BerqWP

BerqWP is a cloud-based speed optimization plugin for WordPress, primarily focused on core web vitals optimization. It’s 100% automatic, meaning you don’t need to configure a thing, just install the plugin, and your website will be optimized automatically.


1. BerqWP requires PHP version 7.4 or above to work properly.
2. BerqWP should be the only frontend caching service active on your website. If your hosting provider has set up a cache on your website, please ask them to disable it.

BerqWP Plugin Installation:

The installation process is very simple:

1. Log into your WordPress dashboard.
2. Deactivate any plugins related to speed optimization and cache.
3. Click on Plugin > Add New Plugin.
4. On the right side search bar, enter “BerqWP”.
5. Click on the “Install” button.
6. Within a few seconds, an “Activate” button will appear; click on it to activate the plugin.

License Key Activation:

To activate your BerqWP license key:

1. Copy your license key from the BerqWP account.

2. Go to the BerqWP admin page from your WordPress dashboard. Paste your license key and click on the Activate button

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you’ll find it in your WordPress dashboard. Please note that it may take 5 minutes to initiate caching. You can monitor the increase in the number of cached pages on the BerqWP dashboard. If the cache warmup doesn’t start automatically, visit the page you want to cache in an incognito window, and it will be sent to the Photon Engine immediately to create its cache.

Testing BerqWP Optimizations:

When you newly set up the BerqWP plugin on a website, we recommend testing the website first using the BerqWP Sandbox Mode. Always test pages in an incognito window. If you encounter a problem, try adjusting the optimization mode or create a support ticket on the BerqWP website dashboard.